Welcome to Discourse

Welcome to the Silver Seams forum! Here’s where we talk about sewing, embroidery, and other crafts, mostly (but not exclusively) related to the library of patterns and designs I’ve accumulated over the many years my blog has run.

Introduce yourself!

I’m Karen, of course, and I run (am?) Silver Seams. I’m a former software developer, very much a nerd, and I started Silver Seams to keep myself busy when I took time off work to have a baby. I planned to get back into IT when the kiddo started school, but… that didn’t happen. It did become more of a hobby than a business for many years (a few Amazon affiliate links, things like that) until 2018 when I decided to make it make money again. That’s… been hit or miss. As you might be able to tell by the relative lack of shop restocking this year, I’m focusing on getting more designs and patterns out so other people can start up dragon factories.

As part of the IT nerd thing, I have been strongly in favor of open source: this is why almost all of my freebies include the SVG version, so you can edit them in Inkscape+Ink/Stitch rather than stitch-by-stitch. (Some of the older ones don’t because in earlier Ink/Stitches I had to put them in manually and I forgot. On which note, gonna go create a Mental Health section since I talk about ADHD a bunch.)

That’s it for now; I’ll have more to say when there are more people to say it to.