The beanie dragon, at last

Originally published at: The beanie dragon, at last – Silver Seams

The in-the-hoop beanie dragon design will show up in the Etsy shop on Sunday, as soon as I finish proofreading and polishing. It’s been a long journey. I got my embroidery machine in late November of 2018, planning to use it to sew more precise, tiny pieces for fabric sculptures. By December I was trying…

I was so naive.

“Polishing” turned into “expanding the directions from six pages to 37 and taking dozens of additional pictures.”

But it showed up, quietly, in the Ko-Fi shop last night: The In-the-hoop Dragon. I’m going to shoot some more promo pictures of them before putting it in the Etsy shop and taking a promotional tour (i.e. posting the link to Facebook embroidery groups).