Introducing Discourse, and giveaways

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I decided I needed a place for discussions of the more complicated embroidery designs – the in-the-hoop plushies like the Orca (this coming Friday’s freebie) and the beanie dragons (this coming Friday’s slightly belated pay-for). So I’ve set up, a Discourse forum. In addition to having discussion topics, it’s also going to take over…

There were ten users, so I rolled a ten-sider. (Guess I could have rolled an eight-sider and added two, since I would have had to re-roll for a 1 or 2, my regular and Github-linked accounts.) And the winner is @dawngl! Choose your prize, and drop my an email at with your mailing address (unless you want the digital design, I suppose).

The rest of you are still in the running for the April 1 drawing.

Okay it looks like notification emails may have been silently failing, so let’s try this again: @dawngl is the winner of the March 1 drawing.