Freebie Friday: Pawpad Keychain | Silver Seams

I had originally planned to have more sizes and species of the pawpad ready to go, but clearly I need to sit down and reorganize the calendar. These fell completely off it - they’ve been early-access in the Ko-Fi for a month, and I guess when I posted it there I went “I’ve got plenty of time to get the rest ready for launch” and, welp. I need to get pictures and then the larger sizes and feline versions will go in the shop. In the meantime, here’s the freebie, suitable for a keychain or things like Choly Knight’s wolf plush freebie.

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Okay, I have in fact sat down and reorganized the calendar.

Monday: the plush pig.
Tuesday: the remainder of the mantis pictures (and thus the paid listing)
Wednesday: the bumble bee
Thursday: the other pawpad sizes
Friday: the kawaii faces.

Hopefully I’ll get other projects wrapped up here and there, but that’s one thing I will absolutely strive to finish every day; I’ve been flitting from one thing to another and I have so many “almost done” things but no “done” things.

Well, clearly that didn’t happen.
Plush pig did (and it’ll be on the blog next week)
Mantis is still in process (I probably should be posting the pictures as I get them instead of waiting to finish).
And then I got a giant m2o dragon order, so I’m back in the dragon factory. The good news, if you’re a dragon collector, is that I’ll have the second of each pair for the shop (well, a shop, not sure which) eventually.

So much for plans.