February 27 Shop Drop - Designs and Dragons

2022 was the year I resolved to get some of my more advanced designs out there and it’s happening!

The Long-Awaited Dragon

The beanie/kuttari style dragon, also an in-the-hoop design, is finally available, already in the Ko-Fi shop. It’s a traditional in-the-hoop plushie, sewn in three flat pieces and then hand-sewn together, and I made a lot of them. Now you can too: Plush Dragon In-The-Hoop Design. (Be sure to use the discount code: WELCOMEBACK10, or better yet, join the dollar-a-month membership for a 20% discount.)

There’s a big difference between this one and the sparse directions on the free designs, so I think the delay is worthwhile.
And if you don’t have an embroidery machine, these samples will start to hit the Silver Seams Ko-Fi shop (not Etsy this time) Sunday night at 6pm Eastern time. They’ll be joined by the samples from the free Plush Orca design.


I’m moving away from WordPress, which also means I’m moving away from this newsletter software. In the future, you’ll need to re-subscribe to get announcements. You can find that information here, and I’ll also be sending out invites to everyone on this list. I’ll send another notice or two to make sure nobody misses the news.
As an apology for making you jump through these hoops, I’m going to have a couple of drawings amongst all the subscribers to the new system. The first one will be next Friday, March 4, among everybody who was subscribed by the start of that day (my time). Winner gets a choice of a sewing machine, SA434-compatible hoop, a beanie dragon of your choice (if it’s one I’ve already sold, I’ll make another), or a free copy of the beanie dragon design. The second drawing will be April 1, same conditions (except maybe one less prize in the pool). Right now the odds are really good for that first drawing!