ADHD on the blog

One of the most-used tags on the blog is the ADHD one. I’ve probably forgotten to tag a few because, well…

This is definitely the most-internally-linked post: Managing a problem employee (me. It’s me) – Silver Seams

Current status: just posted the March schedule, then today popped into a Dollar.25 Tree and got some notebooks and whatnot. Tomorrow was supposed to be a tiny freebie, the Post-It sticky-note holder, but now I want to expand the whole concept into a great big notebook cover design with options for pockets and zipper compartments and id/vax card windows, capable of holding disc notebooks or Midoris or spiral notebooks…

And yes, what I’m supposed to be doing is finishing up the beanies I made and taking promotional pictures of it. I did finish the ice wyvern which is what led to this picture… look at it sitting on the tiny sewing machine: Login • Instagram It’s not even the biggest size!

As I’ve mentioned here and there, the cut-and-sew Frenchie proofs arrived a week ago. I did the machine sewing on them and just had to cut/turn/stuff/assemble, take pictures, put pictures on the fabric (the proofs all have the white Frenchie as placeholder), and list them. Sounds like a lot, but they’re simple plushies.

And then Spoonflower put fat quarters on half price AND free shipping, which is an absolutely excellent sale. Which meant that there was PRESSURE, which meant that the dumb dogs have sat on my desk all week, getting minimal work done on them, because my brain just seizes up with a deadline.

At least I got the brindle one added (the most common color, and the least likely to be available in conventional plushie). Today. Almost the end of the sale. Ugh.

Anyway there’s a big Spoofle sale, go buy yourself something. (Also: if you want your own custom-printed stuff, you can do private designs, and you get a “discount” which is just that you get the seller % knocked off the top. I do highly recommend getting one of the color-swatch pieces first, especially for dark colors which don’t match the screen at all, but in a pinch I can give you hex codes for things I use, like the gray lines on black, so you have an idea of what it takes to get contrast.)